In 2008, Rubiks was the first of its kind in Montreal – a printing company with an environmental conscience. We offer our clients an extensive and ever-growing array of products and services, while offering as many post-consumer recycled or environmentally-friendly options as possible.

Some of our Eco-factors:
  • All self-serve photocopiers at our locations are stocked exclusively with 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper (Domestically-produced Cascades Enviro 100™ Copy).
  • We use a Digital Proofing system that encourages clients to approve test samples of their work based on a digitally-simulated file, instead of a physical printed copy, thus reducing paper consumption.
  • We offer green printing alternatives (soy-based inks) and over 20 different types of recycled paper and cardstock (of various PC percentages). We provide all the necessary information to each client so that they can make an educated decision regarding their ecological ‘footprint’.
  • Strict energy-saving and recycling policies and practices with regards to machinery, equipment and supply consumption are employed at all of our locations.Our offset facility is FSC-certified.
  • We require that all of our suppliers offer FSC- certified products and eco-alternatives.
Some of our eco-alternatives
  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Over 20 types of recycled paper and cardstock(of varying post-consumer percentages)
  • Bamboo banner stands
  • 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable foamcore
  • Recycled CD/DVD sleeves, binders, and folders Biodegradable badge holders (made from plant derived plastic)à
  • Printing with vegetable-based inks (offset quantities)
  • TERRASKIN tree-free paper
  • Eco stickers and labels (made from tree-free paper)
  • Biodegradable pens, bamboo t-shirts, and other
  • environmentally friendly promo gear